About us


As experts in the high-technology domain, We've worked extensively on Social, Mobile & Enterprise solutions, We are providing these services for Small and Medium Enterprises, Start-ups to big multi national companies.

We love building awesome technology solutions

From communication app for kindergarten schools to social networking portals to big data dashboards we are building really awesome technology solutions for our customers and clients.

Let me tell you Our Story

With about a decade and half years of our prior experience in big IT corporations, MNC companies and incubated start-ups, we have started NeoSME Technologies focusing on emerging technology areas such as Mobile and Social Networking: mainly targeting the Small and Medium Enterprises. We see lot of potential on these technology areas for the upcoming businesses and SMEs, many of them trying out innovative ways to acquire, interact, work and retain their businesses, customers and own personnel.

We have a great Mission

Our mission is to be the pioneers in the field of combining social networking concepts with core functions of the business, on the move and always connected : helping our customers and clients to succeed and excel in great manner.

We work with Passion

Each one of team member is technology savvy, top-notch, focused and customer oriented. Needless to say we love the work that we do, and we are very proud of it !!