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We are pioneers with years of experience in applying Social Networking concepts in various industry vertiacls such as Retail, Education, Religion and Gaming. Solutions revolving around community participation, social media integration and a hint of gamification, doesn't it sound interesting?


As a young team we were able to quickly capture the emerging trend, and at a rapid pace we were able to deliver interesting Mobile apps with advanced functionalites such as Cross-platform, DDP/Optimized UI, Payments, Offline and Live data-sync, Social integration etc


Our key strength is the ability to execute real complex projects and integrations. We have built complex Big Data integrations, built real time enterprise application Dashboards, Social Recruitment platforms, advanced CMS and Portal integrations with ERP/CRM systems

Social Networking & Community Collaboration

We are specialists in Social Networking portal development and customization. With years of experience in Customer Experience Management, Social Networking and Community collaboration solutions - we have done a number of projects including but not limited to social recruitment platforms, gamified communities, sporting portals, community collaboration spaces for educational institutes, job boards, classifieds etc.

Our expertise in rich web technologies (such as PHP, Zend, SocialEngine, Java, Spring, AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap) it goes hand in hand while building these Internet based solutions.

We have advanced Geo-Spatial skills with in the team, have done Geo-mapping use cases with Spatial data and shape files which featured map regions, marker clusters, map pop overs and complete map based navigation.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Flutter, React Native and Ionic

Android, iOS, Windows

We have great experience in mobile application development especially on the emerging cross-platform development approach, such as Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Phonegap etc. We have developed marketplaces, eCommerce apps, social mobile apps, chat and group / community collaboration apps, apps for businesses and mobile apps for our social networking solutions.

We have built various mobile first products for healthcare, pre-schools, realtors, public transports industry, students, tutors, marketers, eCommerces providers/users and interesting personal/dating apps.

We have in-depth experience in mobile programming languages such as Java, Objective-C and HTML5 - Full stack frameworks like MEAN/MERN, Meteor, Node.js - Cloud/MBaaS environments such as Firebase, Parse, Cloud9.io - last not but not the least we are ordinand fans of NoSQL systems like MongoDB

With our expertize we are very comfortable with building mobile applications from scratch to deploying apps in to respective platforms such as Google Play or App Store

Full Stack Development, SaaS & Cloud Native

We have great skills in Full stack development, Angular, React.js, Node.js, Java based development; for more than a decade we have architected and developed various Enterprise projects from scratch - designing, architecting, implementing and monitoring the enterprise class applications.

Our team has great hands-on skills working on Enterprise, Rich Web / PWA, Middleware, and Native applications, We have built many SaaS ready multi-tenant web applications using MEAN, MERN stacks. We are specialists in building self-service application Dashboards using these frameworks and Rich Web technologies such as React, Next.js, Tailwind, Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery, etc.

Our team consists of people certified on Java, Web Services and Architecture We have in-depth expertize in the following areas - Node.js, Express, .NET, J2EE/Spring, Big Data / ERP / CRM integrations, Web Services / GraphQL / REST / API Integrations, Rich Web & AJAX programming and Security / SAML / SSO / OpenID / OAuth.