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Vasanthakumar Sithuraj

Founder & Architect

Over 20 years of software development, product management and administrative management experience, a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect.

Vasanth founded NeoSME Technologies in 2015, previous to which he held various positions at pioneering start-ups such as Kirazz Technology, and global technology giants like Oracle Corporation, IBM Global Services and played vital role on technology development and implementation with ESPN and Reliance Communications.

Specializing in the architecting, design, development and deployment of cloud ready, location aware, mobile enabled solutions Vasanth has experience in a diverse set of technologies. From enterprise mobile apps, portals to collaboration tools, from content management systems to enterprise applications, from Database systems to Middleware Technologies, from e-Commerce platforms to customer engagement tools.

Vasanth holds various technology certifications, a BSc in Development and Information Technology from Annamalai University, and a General Management Certificate for IT Executives from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B).