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Friealtor is a platform for real estate owners to list their properties and review the latest activity on their home’s progress, while communicating with related parties to the transaction.

One Positive Act

One Positive Act (OPA) is a Socially Positive Mobile Based Community that allows members to easily post when and where they commit or witness a socially positive act. It is a Gamified system encourages more user engagement via Badges awards etc.,


JobHoot is a social network / recruitment platform connects employers and job seekers in a socially engaging manner. This breaks the traditional ways of hiring/getting jobs and creates a direct channel between the recruiter and the job seeker. Many of the Social networking features like News feed, Groups, Communities, Recommendations are part of the platform as well as a complete backoffice management from screening resumes till final selection and beyond.


Mapping / Listing implementation for an international nonprofit organization that connects corporations, foundations, and individuals with charitable projects and social enterprises across Asia.