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Diabetes Management at your fingertips. Sympatica brings to you the Undivided Personal Attention of Experienced Health Mentors and your Doctor. It is a simple data-driven program that sits in your Smartphone as an App. So in click of a button you get Control Over Diabetes, Responsive Clinical Attention, Manage Medication, Personalized Plans and a Stress-Free Life. Empower yourself with expert advice from health mentors and no-fuss data tracking to manage and control your Diabetes.


We make opportunities by connecting the world. Tourzey is for people to get cool and unique experiences around the world with the help of technology. Amazing things happen when people come together, whether across town or around the world. Opportunities become reality and lifelong connections are made.


Career Ear is a platform for young people to ask professionals career-related questions to enable them to make informed decisions about their futures. Questions can range from preparing for an interview or what to expect on your first day in the office! Some questions are sector specific whilst others can be answered by any professional!


Split the bills and regular expenses with your room mates/friends. A party sharing / monthly expenses sharing with friends, co-workers and roommates.


Public transport aggregation system. Driva is an end-to-end system which covers both Operators, Agents as well as Travellers featuring bus operators registation, complete fleet management of various types/sizes of buses, route management, scheduling, agent management etc for the Operators end. Ticket reservations, booking, Payment and PoS Device integrations and an advanced Ratings and Review feature for both Operators as well as individual Drivers/Buses.


A fun app with the option to make various interesting guesses during events/get togethers.


A app for Gyms with gamification / leader boards. Create a group, participate in activities, win and share it in leader boards and other social platforms. Videos of various workouts etc.,