Friealtor is a platform for real estate owners to list their properties and review the latest activity on their home’s progress, while communicating with related parties to the transaction.

Driva (Web)

Public transport aggregation system. Driva is an end-to-end system which covers both Operators, Agents as well as Travellers featuring bus operators registation, complete fleet management of various types/sizes of buses, route management, scheduling, agent management etc for the Operators end. Ticket reservations, booking, Payment and PoS Device integrations and an advanced Ratings and Review feature for both Operators as well as individual Drivers/Buses.


Celebrate and strengthen your relationships, get recommendations for how to love your partner better, and fall in love all over again. A Social app for people in relationship, to know each other better via sharing stories, date nights planning, gamification, quizzes, posts.It has an implementation of famous Love languages® technique.


Tutortub is an on-demand marketplace that connects students seeking quality educational aid with individuals looking to monetize their knowledge and teaching.

One Positive Act

One Positive Act (OPA) is a Socially Positive Mobile Based Community that allows members to easily post when and where they commit or witness a socially positive act. It is a Gamified system encourages more user engagement via Badges awards etc.,

Facebook Leads App

A Lead notifier app for Facebook. Can subscribe to various pages / campaigns and users of these app will get mobile notifications as soon as there is a new lead.


This is app designed to log a complete travel plan including Airlines, Trains and Buses.. In cases of any issues/complaints this system helps you track/log the entire information and apply for Refunds all fully automated.

Fun Cove

This app fetches and displays content from various sources (like Reddit) on selected interest areas/topics. Also allows us to post new conente in terms of Posts, Audio and Videos. Ability to share and create groups also possible.