Sympatica (Web)

Diabetes Management at your fingertips. Sympatica brings to you the Undivided Personal Attention of Experienced Health Mentors and your Doctor. It is a simple data-driven program that sits in your Smartphone as an App. So in click of a button you get Control Over Diabetes, Responsive Clinical Attention, Manage Medication, Personalized Plans and a Stress-Free Life.


A social enterprise that aims to create competent and caring counselling professionals who would serve people going through emotional pain.

Friealtor (Web)

Friealtor is a platform for real estate owners to list their properties and review the latest activity on their home’s progress, while communicating with related parties to the transaction.

Driva (Web)

Public transport aggregation system. Driva is an end-to-end system which covers both Operators, Agents as well as Travellers featuring bus operators registation, complete fleet management of various types/sizes of buses, route management, scheduling, agent management etc for the Operators end. Ticket reservations, booking, Payment and PoS Device integrations and an advanced Ratings and Review feature for both Operators as well as individual Drivers/Buses.


This is app designed to log a complete travel plan including Airlines, Trains and Buses.. In cases of any issues/complaints this system helps you track/log the entire information and apply for Refunds all fully automated.


JobHoot is a social network / recruitment platform connects employers and job seekers in a socially engaging manner. This breaks the traditional ways of hiring/getting jobs and creates a direct channel between the recruiter and the job seeker. Many of the Social networking features like News feed, Groups, Communities, Recommendations are part of the platform as well as a complete backoffice management from screening resumes till final selection and beyond.


Connect with betting fans all over the world, stay in touch with people who play the same game you play.


Big Data migration app developed using Angular. Migrate data from Hive, HDFC, Flat files in to Amazon Redshift and other targets. Visual tool to map Databases, tables, columns to target structures.


Nuthin but action. A social portal for vivid athletes, hikers. Community building, social sharing, tracking activities/events all in one social portal/platform.


A social platform for Prayer requests. Request prayers, pray for others, win badgets, credits. Fully gamified platform.


App to manage patient database, appointments, disease / care details etc.,


Angular based Food ordering app leveraging Square APIs/Checkout.


Mapping / Listing implementation for an international nonprofit organization that connects corporations, foundations, and individuals with charitable projects and social enterprises across Asia.